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The first Max Becker book is Girl Hunter (Der Mädchenjäger) - a short story that introduced the characters. The first novel is Angel Avenger. Join Kommisar Max Becker and his team in 1960s Berlin as they dive into thrilling cases. The next Becker novel has a working title of Lüdke's Game and is due out in late 2020. Tim is also working on another Max Becker short, Tiergarten 4, which accompanies the new novel.

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Girl Hunter

ISBN 9781916104884

Max and his team hunt Der Mädchenjäger, a deadly Serial Killer

Berlin, the Summer of 1960 - Where is Margrit Rippner? Is she another victim of Der Mädchenjäger, an evil serial killer who has already abducted and murdered nine girls? Detective Otti Jäger comes up with a theory that brings Max and his team closer, but when their plan goes wrong the killer turns his attention on Max's family. The clock is running, they have one last chance to catch the Girl Hunter before he vanishes.

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Angel Avenger

ISBN 9781916104839

September 1960. In the Spandauer forest Detectives Max Becker and Bastian Döhl, from the Berlin Kriminalpolizei, find a naked, tortured man tied to a tree. A cryptic message hangs from his neck. When another body appears, Max is sure it won’t be the last. The press dub the killer, Der Waldscharfrichter (The Forest Executioner) and graphic tattoos on the bodies suggest that the victims are Russians with a criminal past.
As more bodies and messages appear, they lead Max and his team to a horrific past event, wounds that run deep in the Berlin psyche, plunging Max into a conflict between his sense of duty and justice.

Short Stories - Read for Free 



Tim has been writing for many years and like many authors he has written numerous short stories. If you are an aspiring writer, it is where you begin your writing journey. You hone your skills in plot and character development; learn how to self-edit and tighten up your style and use of language. The following are a selection of my short stories under 3000 words ALL are FREE to read on Watt Pad heree: TIM'S WATTPAD FREE TO READ SHORT STORIES

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No Love, In Love

Apart from the ending, this story is true. I make no secret of the terrible time I had during ten years at boarding school and in particular the first two years, at a school called Belmont that was in Hassocks, Sussex. The school was run by a vile, sadistic paedophile and I was among his victims. The trauma I suffered during this time often informs my writing, and writing has helped me recover too. I originally wrote this story for a flash fiction competition (it didn't win) so it is brief and, I think, more powerful because of that.

At an English boarding school, a ten year old boy is victim of the Headmaster, a sadistic paedoophile. One day the boy finds love and courage in an old black and white war film that sets him free and leads him to brutally confront his abuser.

Alice Band to Myrtle Beach

This story is semi-autobiographical, the original action set in England. I could not get the story to flow when I set it there so I transferred the action to the US and the story worked.


On a blistering hot summer day, ex-cop Bernie picks up hitchhiker, eighteen-year-old, Simon. As they drive, Simon tells Bernie his incredible story and the reason for going to Myrtle Beach...

Ballad of a Slave

Originally published with the title 'Last Song for Isa', this version has been re-edited and given a new title. The story was originally written as an set exercise in the creative writing lesson I attend, and was inspired by a poem about fireflies. The poem had nothing to do with slaves of the US but it was what came to my mind, sometimes I have no ida where my story ideas come from.


Washington 1961 - Flo, a young student, is told to visit a woman she's never met who reveals the shocking story of her birth mother. Emboldened by what she hears, it changes her life and sets her on a quest for justice...

Greta and the Brain Fart Machine

I wrote this story for my son's class in primary school. The action takes place in the school and all the pupils appear in the story. Each child got a signed booklet, which included the story and other material including a suggested reading list, advice on creative writing and three poems that I like. Spot the cultural Si-Fi reference from a famous film and book.


A children's story. Greta, an eleven-year-old Amish girl from America comes to live in Wales with her aunt. Soon her aunt arranges for her to spend a day at the local school run by technology mad Headtacher, Whatty-Watt. The children have built a robot, called HAL 9000. When it is switched on, strange things happen and it seems that only Greta and a visiting styoryteller, called Dave Dingle can save the day and stop HAL 9000 from controlling everything.

End of The Line

Originally published with the title, 'Last Train', this re-edited version, which includes a new ending is now available. A radio play version was performed at the Theatre Gwaun, Fishguard, during 'Thriller Night' in Feb 2020.

When Brandon runs to catch the last train home he verbally abuses a vagrant, which sets in motion a dark chain of events...

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Dr Klein and Mr Banerjee - A fateful Meeting

Originally published with the title, 'Mr Banaerjee's Outing' this is a re-edited version with small changes to the original.

Mr Banerjee hasn't had an outing for a long time. Dr Klein, a keen bird watcher on day release from a local clinic, is after a rare bird: the Whimbrel. They meet by the River Lea in London and decide to spend the day together, but who will regret the decision?

The Unusual Legacy of Ruth Bachmeyer

Originally published with the title, 'Mr Ruth Bachmayer' this is a re-edited version with an improved ending.

Ruth Bachmeyer lives alone. When she meets Ali, a teenage girl who visits on community service, there begins a friendship and ultimately a trust to hold a terrible legacy.



Tim is a keen historian with a particular interest in WW2 German military history. He researches extensively and has begun writing non-fiction pieces realated to the subject, and his Max Becker books are haeavily influenced by this period in history. 

A Short History of Bergen Belsen 1940-1945

A pocket history of the infamous Nazi concentration camp, Bergen Belsen. How did Belsen become the visual synonym for Nazi atrocities? What happened after libearation? What happened in the trials that followed: this account reveals all.  Following libeartion, the camp was fully documented by the Bristish Army Film and Photographic Unit and the films shown across the world. Belsen holds a special place as a lasting reminder of the horror of the Nazi genocide and was where Anne Frank and her sister Margot, transferred from Auschwitz, died just a few weeks before libeartion.

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A Tale of Two Boys

On 20 March 1945 a group of 20 boys from the Hitler Youth, all of whom had been awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class for acts of bravery, were paraded in the gardens of the Reich Chancellery and presented to Hitler. It is an iconic image and the last recorded public appearance by the Führer. Have you ever wondered who the boys were and what they had done? What did Hitler say to them as he patted their cheeks? What happened to them after? This short history delves into the story of the youngest two, 12-year-old Alfred Czech (front boy in picture below) and 16-year-old Wilhelm 'Willi' Hübner (second boy in the picture below).

Hitler Youth Parade - 20 March 1945, Alfred Czech (front) Wilhelm 'Willi' Hübner (second)
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A Tale of Two Boys