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Angel Avenger

A Max Becker Thriller

A nation scarred by violence. Ugly signs of a serial killer. Is this homicide detective chasing a villain… or a victim vigilante?


Germany, 1960. Max Becker is haunted by his past. Once a Nazi soldier, the Berlin investigator works himself to the bone to make amends and bring his country some redemption. So when tortured and naked male bodies show up along with cryptic messages, he’s determined to hunt down a cold-blooded criminal as the body count rises.

Driven to expose the truth when he discovers links to Russian soldiers responsible for unspeakable war crimes, Max fights a growing sympathy for the disturbed murderer. And now close to making an arrest, he’s at risk of his emotions rejecting duty in favour of a dangerous choice.


Can he find the delicate balance between ensuring justice and permitting understandable vengeance?


Angel Avenger is the dark first book in the Max Becker historical crime thriller series. If you like edge-of-your-seat suspense, morally gray characters, and seamlessly accurate settings, then you’ll love Tim Wickenden’s hypnotic page-turner.


Buy Angel Avenger and enter the mind of a killer today! today!

‘Angel Avenger: A Max Becker Thriller is hypnotic, a well-crafted story with great characters… A pure delight for fans of crime thrillers.’

Divine Zape – Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars

'Wickenden writes with a lightness of touch, and the telling little details of time and place add hugely to the atmosphere and originality of this book. Highly recommended.'

Sara MacDonald - author of Another Life and A Kingdom by the Sea

'I found this book to be really gripping and moving on many levels.' - An Indie Book We love award

Wow! That covers my reaction to this book, on just about every different front, definitely making it my best read of 2019, which is when I opened this Pandora’s box of emotions.

Yvonne - Fiction Books

'In creating a killer who you feel for, the dark and atmospheric events are superbly crafted in a taut and tense book with an emotional and brooding plot.'

AlexJ Books

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Girl Hunter

A Max Becker Thriller - Novelette


A nation scarred by echoes of war. A devious serial killer who has slain nine girls. There are scant clues, and the killer seemingly unstoppable, until forced into a terrifying choice…


Germany, 1960. Max Becker is haunted by his past. Once a Nazi soldier, the Berlin investigator works tirelessly to make amends and bring his country some recovery. For months he’s hunted an elusive deviant, who hounds Max’s life.

After Max makes a breakthrough, the killer calls, taunting him. Now more personal than ever, the two begin a dance of death. But after another girl is slaughtered, Max fears he may never bring the Girl Hunter to justice.

When all seems lost, the killer makes an uncharacteristic mistake allowing the battle-hardened detective to pounce, setting a deadly trap…


At stake is the life of Max’s daughter!


Girl Hunter is a punchy, brooding historical crime thriller, introducing Kommissar Max Becker. If you like edge-of-your-seat suspense, morally grey characters and seamlessly accurate settings, then you’ll love Tim Wickenden’s exhilarating page-turner.


Buy Girl Hunter, and join the hunt today…

'This is such an exciting novel that I don’t know what Tim Wickenden may do as a sequel, but I’m going to be there to read it. So should you.' Dan Santos—author of  Letters from Blitz, and Insurrection: Appalachian Command

'Girl Hunter is an atmospheric thriller filled with suspense. The story will keep the reader at his/her toes and every detail inside is essential to the story.' Christine Vasou - Publisher

'A short but terrifying story that gives you a chilling glimpse into the twisted mind of a deranged serial killer.' Helen—Amazon, UK review

'If you are looking for a novelette that will grip your attention, Girl Hunter: A Max Becker Thriller is it!' Obi—Amazon, UK review

'This author is one of the best that I have had the privilege of checking out in a long time. I loved the ending, the way it made you want to find out what happened to the last victim in the end. I can't wait to read more from this author.' Deborah—Amazon, US review

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