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It Was Our Destiny is a

Max Becker prequel novella.

A discovered trunk concealing a silent history leads to a deadly confrontation...

Max Becker Thrillers

German Historical Crime Thrillers

Book Cover for the Max Becker Thriller 'Girl Hunter' by Tim Wickenden

Girl Hunter is a

Max Becker novella.

A nation scarred by echoes of war. A devious serial killer who has slain nine girls. There are scant clues, and the killer seemingly unstoppable, until forced into a terrifying choice…

eBook, Paperback & Hardback books available to buy from Amazon

Angel Avenger - Ebook Cover NEW.jpg

Angel Avenger is the first novel in the Max Becker Crime Thriller series.

A nation scarred by violence. Ugly signs of a serial killer. Is this homicide detective chasing a villain… or a victim vigilante?

eBook & Paperback books
available to buy from Amazon

'I shall be hunting down the rest of Tim Wickenden's works and making room on my bookcase. This one's a keeper.'

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