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Beautiful Friend is for me a return to play writing. To be produced in association with Theatr Gwaun Productions, the play will see its premiere after lockdown restrictions are lifted. The play features both live acted drama and filmed elements, which are being created in association with Nick Swannell of Studio 49.

Gustav Fließmann has barely survived the war and is a POW recovering in a British military hospital. He has lost everything: his job, his home and his family - all victims of the war. All he has is a few possessions and a photograph of a woman. In the last days of combat as he raced to cross the River Elbe to surrender to the Americans, he rescues a dying woman. Her last wish is he find her daughter and tell her what became of her mother, but before he finds out her name, the mother dies.

On his release from captivity, he sets off across Western Germany to make the 600 km trek to find the woman in the photograph. On the way he meets two refugee children and an old soldier, who become travelling companions, sharing adventures that change Gustav's life and hopes.

A story of hope and rebuilding that will resonant with a modern audience coming out of the pandemic experience.

Fishguard Saga (1).jpg

Fishguard Saga a play for Youth Theatre. Gunhild is married to a drunken Warlord who has failed to find a suitor for their on-the-shelf-daughter, Gro. One day she encounters two strapping warriors and seeing a chance to solve her problems sends the two brothers on a quest to the hunt for Odin’s drinking horn, which is protected by a fearsome dragon and believed to be in a cave near the Welsh Town of Fishguard. The winner will win Gro's hand in marriage. The play follows their hilarious adventures.


 Sunstone. see the return of Max Becker in another thrilling case.

The Summer of 1980, Max is retired. A visitor from England brings him news that an old friend has died in suspicious circumstances. Returning with her to the UK, he soon realises that a 20-year-old case, he thought closed, has come back to haunt him. Afraid that his old colleagues and family are in mortal danger, he pursues the killer back to Germany and a journey to a dark past that almost destroyed everything he cared about.