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Beautiful Friend - a play. To be produced in association with Theatr Gwaun Productions.

Gustav Fließmann has barely survived the war and is a POW recovering in a British military hospital. He has lost everything: his job, his home and his family - all victims of the war. All he has is a few possessions and a photograph of a woman. In the last days of combat as he raced to cross the River Elbe ahead of advancing Russian troops and surrender to the Americans, he rescues a dying woman. Her last wish is he find her daughter and tell her what became of her mother, but before he finds out her or the girl's name, the mother dies.

On his release from captivity, he sets off across war-torn, Western Germany to make the 600 km trek to find the woman in the photograph. On the way he meets two refugee children and an old soldier, who become travelling companions, sharing adventures that change Gustav's life and hopes.

A story of hope and rebuilding that will resonant with a modern audience coming out of the pandemic experience.


Sun Stone (Woking title) - novel

Sees the return of Max Becker and his team. Called out to a body in the Rudow district, the team are targeted by a sniper using a rifle stolen from Detective Döhl. Detective Jäger discovers someone has broken in her flat, leaving her dead father's wartime Gestapo file. Another body the team are called out to is booby trapped: someone is after them. As the detectives try to figure out who and why, they find out that the two bodies had died of natural causes and been kept frozen. With nothing for Max and his team to go on, the perpetrator tightens the knot by kidnapping both Max's and Tobi's children. With the clock ticking the team must discover who is behind this and why, and find the children before it is too late.

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My Empty Pockets (Working title) - novel

After a traumatic event, teenage Heidi Schlager has to flee her home leaving behind her stricken boyfriend, Jeremiah. Frightened, alone and near starving she boards an empty freight car where she meets ageing hobo, Bo Scribbler. Realizing her vulnerability he befriends her and takes her under his wing. They travel to Iowa for a hobo festival and hook up with an old friend and sometime lover of Scribbler's, who goes by the Moniker of Little Hacksaw. The two adults are aware that Heidi is running from a troubled past, and after a misunderstanding that leads to Heidi being attacked and badly injured, the three set off to California in search of work and a place for her to mend. Her presence sets Scribbler reflecting on his past, and his relationship with Little Hacksaw. After Heidi attempts suicide, she reveals her dark secret to them. She tells them she must go back to Idaho and Jeremiah, with whom she is deeply in love, and try and put things right. Told through the eyes of the main characters and set in an evocative historical context, My Empty Pockets, examines the meaning of loss, love and acceptance.

Cover is for illustrative purposes only.