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Sun Stone (Woking title) - novel - Due for completion 2023

The third Max Becker thriller. When the team are called out to a body in the Rudow district, they come under fire from a sniper using a rifle stolen from Detective Döhl. Detective Jäger discovers someone has broken into her flat, leaving her dead father's wartime Gestapo file. As the killer ramps things up, more bodies and attacks occur, leaving Max and his team baffled. But when the killer targets Max and Tobi's kids, a British spy (Deborah Murdoch), and friend of Max, gives him a vital lead. With the gloves off, Max and his team head into East German territory, but are they chasing ghosts? 

Cover is for illustrative purposes only.


That Girl in The Boxcar

Sometimes, to find out who you are, you must do something terrible.

Idaho: late Summer 1925

When ageing hobo (BO SCRIBBLER) hops a ride near Bonners Ferry, he encounters runaway teen (HEIDI SCHLAGER). Drawn to one another, they travel to a Bo friendly town in Iowa to meet up with a friend and sometime lover of Scribblers, (CORBEAU). It is the beginning of an epic adventure that dramatically changes all of their lives as they confront past traumatic events that set each of them adrift. Set in an evocative historical backdrop, it is a story that examines the true meaning of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and the power of destiny.

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