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That Girl in The Boxcar

An Historical Family Saga

Book 1 of the Reisen Trilogy

She’s fleeing a suffocating secret. Will she sink into the dark or rise to the light?

Idaho, 1925. Heidi Schlager has nowhere to go. Growing up with an abusive drunk of a father, the traumatized fourteen-year-old runaway is hiding on a train when she meets an aging hobo. And after the intelligent bookworm recites a poem to her literary companion, she sparks an instant friendship and delights in deciding to stick together.

Riding to a town in Iowa to meet her new pal’s sometime-lover, Heidi’s unrelenting feelings of despair intrude on the warm camaraderie developing between the three. And as confusing sexual desires mix with the ghosts of her past threatening to drown her, she struggles with the temptation to give up.

Can the young woman with no one to hold onto discover a found family to help her survive?

That Girl in The Boxcar is the sweeping first book in The Reisen historical fiction trilogy. If you like adventurous heroines, hopeful themes, and redeeming relationships, then you’ll adore K.T. Mann’s tale of self-discovery.


Sun Stone (Woking title) - novel - Due for completion 2023

The second Max Becker novel in the German Historical Crime Thriller.


A series of staged murders that link to a brutal past. A killer bent on revenge, but who is the intended target?

Max works the most difficult case of his life. A shadowy killer begins a campaign of terror that stabbed to the very heart of Max's family. No one is safe. And when Max's kids are kidnapped it seems all is lost. Then a woman from Max's war past tips him off and there begins a adrenaline fueled chase.

Can Max get to his kids before they are sacrificed?

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