Tim was born in Zimbabwe in 1962. He spent his early years in Zimbabwe, the UK and then Hong Kong. At the age of five he was knocked down by a car , which deeply affected his later schooling and left long lasting emotional scars. At eight he went off to boarding school in the UK where he experienced sexual, physical and emotional abuse. He left school with few qualifications and drifted through differing jobs and career choices. In 2005 he decided to restart and moved to Wales and began writing more seriously. His childhood experiences heavily influence his work, which tries to make sense of loss, love, forgiveness and the power of positivity in healing deep emotional wounds.

Writing since his teens, Tim has written, plays, short stories, and published his first novel, Angel Avenger, in 2019.

During the confinement of lockdown, Tim learnt film editing and produced his first film, Carreg Coast in 2021. The film, an intimate portrait of the coast around his home town of Fishguard, was shot over two years using only his paddleboard and an ageing GoPro camera. It includes unique underwater footage and features music by local composer, David Pepper. Tim and David are working on further documentary/art projects.

Tim is busy writing the second Max Becker novel; a love story (My Empty Pockets) set in 1920s America, and a play, My Beautiful Friend.

He lives in South West Wales with is son, Ollie, and partner, Clare.