Tim was born in Zimbabwe in 1962. He spent his early years in Zimbabwe, the UK and then Hong Kong. At the age of eight he went off to boarding school in the UK, spending his holidays in Germany, where his father, an army doctor, was stationed. 

He has been writing for many years, including plays: Wilfrid's Sussex (1980), Word Over All (1987); and many short stories, including Girl Hunter (2019 Max Becker), The Helmet and The Heist (Max Becker), No Love - In Love, The Unusual Legacy of Ruth Bachmeyer, End of the Line, Dr Klein and Mr Banerjee, Alice Band to Myrtle Beach, Ballad of a Slave and released his first novel, Angel Avenger: A Max Becker Thriller on 31 July  2019. A keen historian, Tim researches and writes about WW2 events, mostly from a German perspective.
Since 2005 he's lived in West Wales, is married and has a son. He loves walking, reading, writing, researching 20thc Military history, he's worked variously as a teacher, college lecturer, IT analyst and since moving to Pembrokeshire splits his time between writing and working as a theatre producer.

Tim is a contributor and article writer for Pembrokeshire Online