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Films and Promos

A 19 minute film. A intimate portrait of the Welsh coastline around Fishguard Bay. Set to original music by Welsh musician, David Pepper. The film was first shown at the 2021 On Land's Edge festival.
Here is the Quick Films - The Seal - under my production company - The Naked Filmmaker. Runtime 1.39 minute
The full film - Carreg Coast will be available later (2022).
Video related to my History article - A Tale of Two Boys.
Deutsche Wochennau Newsreel 755 dated 22/03/1945 - Record of the Hitler Youth Heroes Parade - starts 2 mins 6 secs in - You can see Willi Hübner speaking - 3 mins 29 secs in. Translation coming soon. This was the last newsreel to come out of Germany. My thanks to Internet Archive
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